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    SA Endovascular & Heart Institute specializes in diagnosing,
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  • Heart Testing
    Sound complicated? It really isn't.
    The test is called myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI).
    It can help physicians see if there's a problem with your
    heart without doing any surgery.
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    The SAEHI echo/peripheral vascular lab is specially designed
    & performed by trained personnel who are highly skilled in the
    identification & diagnosis of cardiovascular problems.
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World Class Care

The personalized care, attention, & dedication you deserve in today's most advanced interventional prodedures.


Heart attacks remain the leading killer of both men and women. Getting emergency medical help immediately can dramatically increase your chances of survival.

We Were On TV!

Dr. Kiesz and his staff released red and white balloons over the skies of Stone Oak on "Go Red for Women Day."

Meet The Staff

After 25 years of dedication and innovation in interventional medicine, I am able to provide a level of care that's well beyond today's standard.

Welcome to SA Endovascular & Heart Institute

At SA Endovascular & Heart Institute, we genuinely care about our patients. Our staff is known for compassion and personal dedication. We make it convenient to get world-class care and offer same-day appointments.

Coronary Intervention

At San Antonio Endovascular & Heart Institute, our capabilities are on the leading edge of coronary medicine. We bring some of the world's best techniques and experience to every case, from "simple" coronary interventions to complex cases that few specialists around the world have undertaken.

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Peripheral Intervention

The techniques perfected in coronary intervention have helped improve modern medicine's ability to intervene in the peripheral vasculature, saving limbs and improving patients' quality of life. This is particularly important, because San Antonio leads the nation in both peripheral-bypass surgeries and leg amputations. Unfortunately many bypass grafts occlude within one to five years, leading to amputation.

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Cardiac Testing

For problems of the heart and the coronar, carotid, rnal, vertebral and peripheral arteries, an accurate diagnosis is essential. It is also vitally important that the diagnosis be complete.

At San Antonio Endovascualar & Hearth Institute, we have the complete array of noninvasive cardiac, neurovascular and peripheral-vascular testing, all right here in our facility. As a resulrt, we're able to evaulate all of the systems that might be affected by the disease thought or known to affect just one system.

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Carotid & Vertebral Intervention

Whenever stenosis is present in the carotid or vertebral arteries, transient ischemic attack (TIA) and stroke are imminent concerns, and medical intervention is urgently needed. For these cases, endovascular intervention at San Antonio Endovascular & Heart Institute should be considered.

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Below-The-Knee Intervention

Blocked arteries below the knee pose a particular set of problems for interventionalist trying to revascularize and save the patient's leg. The most common treatments these days are by-pass graft surgery, angioplasty and stenting. Yet, the treatment that is quickly becoming the standard of care for below-the-knee interventions is plaque excision.

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"It's thrilling to be involved in international studies, research and the development of new techniques in coronary interventions. The thrill is helping change - and save - people's lives." - R. Stefan Kiesz, MD